Outrageous Gas and Outraged Teens

Due to high inflation throughout the United States, many high school kids and adults suffer the consequences of high gas and housing prices. Teenagers juggle various extracurriculars and vigorous schoolwork, leaving some unable to work to earn gas money. With no source of income, students struggle to pay for gas, forcing their parents to pay for their gas or take rides from friends and family. However, problems arise with working parents and friends worried about the seemingly never-ending increasing prices, leaving kids in confusing situations that lead to possibly skipping out on important things in their life or stress about getting places. 

This problem affects many students at Pinnacle High School, as hundreds of students arrive to and from school each day by car.

“It’s hard spending all my money coming in just on gas and not having any money to spend with friends… It’s also hard to balance work with school and make time for both” said Junior Faith Kloenne. 

With college just around the corner, seniors planning for new living situations and expenses feel the pressure of the economy. College dorms and nearby campus apartments continue to rise in prices, leaving students and families worried.

Senior Ian Lonergan hoped to live in an apartment off-campus for his first year with friends, but the current housing market prevented his plans. Lonergan now plans to stay in a dorm at his college as he looks to find a part-time job and save.

“Even dorms are expensive to stay in, but at least it is cheaper than an apartment,” said Lonergan.

As the economy continues to result in higher prices in both rent and gas, students and families alike seek alternatives to keep up with it.