Staff Spotlight on Cheryl Reilly

New Academic Technician brings experience and dedication to student success


Submitted by Cheryl Reilly

New to Pinnacle this year, Cheryl Reilly serves in the role of Academic Technician, the person responsible for scheduling and planning all the standardized testing for PHS students, including the ACT and AP exams. As a part of the counseling department, Reilly also helps counselors with tracking students, writing letters to seniors and making sure they stay on track to graduate. Reilly wanted to work as an Academic Technician because she wanted a job with direct involvement with students and the community. 

“Well, I wanted to get into a school because of the environment of working with the students,” said Reilly.

 When she worked at the main district office, she shared an office with three other people in a job with no student interaction. Because she lives in the PHS area, she wanted to help out this community. Although new to PHS, her office was decorated early in the year with pictures of her two dogs and family. 

“One of them is Poe and he is over 100 pounds. He is a Saint Bernard poodle and he is really fluffy,” Reilly said. “Then I have another dog, a Portuguese Water Dog. She is older and her name is Miska, and, um, she’s pretty awesome, but she is kinda cranky.” 

Before working for the district, Reilly takes pride in the fact that she worked for Microsoft for nine years and won their highest sales award. After Microsoft, she worked for another company and also won their highest sales award. 

Something surprising about Reilly lies in the fact that she moves around a lot. 

“Like, I started here, in Fireside,” Reilly said. “Then we moved up to Norterra and then we lived there for six years. Then we just moved back to Skycrossing.” 

She also lived in Paris for one year when she was younger. Reilly said she loved it because she traveled by train all around Europe on the weekends. She also bought a Vespa to move around and explore France on her little scooter. 

Reilly brings her varied work and life experiences to PHS and serves our community by keeping our seniors on track to graduate and organizing important state tests.