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Early Educators
Shea Campbell, Staff Reporter

Everyone appreciates the importance of teachers in the world. They directly impact the lives of children in their most impressionable years, giving them the ability to manage their time wisely, learn how...

Banning Books?
Banning Books?
Cassandra Keylin, Staff Reporter

Banned books became a hot topic this school year, with many districts reviewing controversial books in classrooms. This recently came to a spotlight in the media as Pinnacle’s longtime rival and fellow...

2022 winner Diego Cameron (12, center) and the rest of the contestants.
The Return of a PHS Tradition
Will Kennedy, Staff Reporter

Pinnacle’s Finest By: Will Kennedy   A night to remember, Pinnacle’s Finest featured junior and senior contestants as they competed to capture the infamous title for 2022. Contests worked...

Lincoln-Douglas debaters at McClintock HS tournament in Fall 2021. Simon Zolkiewski (11), Giselle Kennedy (11), Alex Boggs (12), Alex Britton (12)
Mastering Speech and Debate
Noah Silverberg, Staff Reporter
Membership in the club gives students skills which helps them outside of school. 
Beyond Borders
May 6, 2022
The Offseason
Andrew Spack, Staff Reporter
The offseason provides time for all athletes of various levels to perfect their craft, get in better shape and heal their bodies and mental states.
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The student news source of Pinnacle High School
The student news source of Pinnacle High School