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Taken by Kennedy Coyle
From Moving Across the Country to Teaching Cross Country
Kennedy Coyle, Staff Writer

Imagine the stress of moving across the country only to begin a new job just a couple weeks after your move. Wendy Jacobsen, Special Education teacher new to Pinnacle High School (PHS) this year, experienced...

From CIA Scientist to High School Science
From CIA Scientist to High School Science
Mya Phelan

In a world where teenagers are best known for texting and TikTok, what would inspire a former CIA scientist and college professor to come out of retirement to teach high school science? For Pinnacle High...

Taken by Caden Kubitz
Embracing Change: A Colombian Teacher's Journey to PHS
Caden Kubitz

Change is something people often stay away from—preferring to stick with what they know and avoid making uncomfortable choices. No one knows the frightening feeling of change better than Pinnacle High...

Taken by Zaynab Chaudhary
The Rise of the Society of STEM
Zaynab Chaudhary, Staff Writer

In its inaugural year, the Society of STEM provided a place for students passionate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to meet and share ideas. Sponsored by history teacher...

Submitted by Dana Phelps
Building Success, One Bot at a Time
Caden Kubitz, Staff Writer

Though often associated with sports such as football and basketball, academics also take an edge in the world of competitions. The Robotics Club at Pinnacle High School (PHS) participated in competitions...

Submitted by Lauren Rodrigues
Pinnacle High School Students Excel at HOSA Sports Medicine Competition Debut
Kennedy Coyle, Staff Writer

For the first time, students in the Pinnacle High School (PHS) Sports Medicine program attended the HOSA Sports Medicine competition for the Arizona Athletic Trainer Association (AzATA). This competition...

Taken by Theresa Pinder
A New Chapter for Flag Football
Kennedy Coyle, Staff Writer

This year, the Paradise Valley School District (PVSchools) introduced a new sport for girls to partake in: flag football. Pinnacle High School (PHS) took advantage and started a girls' flag football team,...

Courtesy of Chapter Next Photography
Powderpuff Tradition Scores Big
Kennedy Coyle, Staff Writer

It’s a cool March evening, yet the intensity of the games playing out on the field heats things up. In the stands, supporters are cheering as loud as they can, followed by music blasting from the speakers....

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The student news source of Pinnacle High School
The student news source of Pinnacle High School