The Return of a PHS Tradition

Pinnacle’s Finest returns to the stage, entertaining crowds and crowning a new king


2022 winner Diego Cameron (12, center) and the rest of the contestants.

Pinnacle’s Finest
By: Will Kennedy


A night to remember, Pinnacle’s Finest featured junior and senior contestants as they competed to capture the infamous title for 2022. Contests worked hard and rehearsed long hours to give the audience a good laugh while they performed amazing acts. Students and parents watched incredible performances ranging from a production of “Careless Whisper” by senior Cole Rossi to a rendition of the 2022 Superbowl halftime show by Senior CJ Hansen. The show, by students for students, proved a unanimous hit. 

Seniors Stella Jay and Bella Castro hosted the show, offering smooth transitions between the three rounds in the contest. Jay felt the pressure of hosting on stage for an audience of hundreds of parents and students. However, her nerves calmed as the audience’s positive reactions filled the auditorium. 

“It is always first time jitters, when you go out there, but felt all the love from everyone once we got out there,” said Jay.  

The contest showcased a wide range of talents from dances, acts and more. Jay loved watching these talented students perform, as they truly stepped out of their comfort zone to put on an amazing show for Pinnacle. 

Senior Diego Cameron, crowned the winner of the production this year, felt inspired to join after his friends asked him for weeks to perform. After weeks of practice, he and senior Owen Castle took the stage, dancing to Umbrella by Rihanna. Cameron then went through a fashion walk and intense questioning. This, however, proved worth it as he ended the night holding a trophy, surrounded by his proud fellow competitors. 

“It was sick; it was a really cool feeling because me and my partner spent some time trying to learn the dance and seeing the hard work pay off was cool,” said Cameron. 

All contestants showcased their skill sets to put on a great show for pioneers. In the end, all of the contestants came together to celebrate Pinnacle’s Finest 2022 winner, Diego Cameron.