Helping Students Succeed on Campus

This year, nearly half of Pinnacle students spent their first time on the Pinnacle High School (PHS) campus. Now with over half of the students’ second round of in-person finals coming up, upperclassmen had some words of advice. Pinnacle’s vast campus and wide range of activities leave many students feeling confused and overwhelmed, especially those that lack a true high school experience. Getting involved on campus leads to a far more positive high school experience. To join clubs means getting more involved on campus.

Senior Avery Bowman said, “Join any club that sounds even relatively interesting. Personally, I recommend Key Club and Red Cross.”

Experimenting with new things opens up brand new pathways to positive experiences. 

Junior Beverly Cox said, “I think attending sports games as a way to get involved is a good idea.” Currently, Tennis and Track take place on or around campus. 

If a student struggles academically or needs help, making use of the peer tutoring in the ITC benefits them greatly. Tutoring in the ITC takes place in the mornings from 6:50 to 7:20, at lunch, and after school from 2:15 to 3:00pm. Students of the National Honors Society who excel in their academic studies happily assist their fellow students. And Project A offers teachers from all subjects in place for end-of-semester tutoring, to help students prepare for final exams. Students will find teachers available from 4-7pm on May 23 in the cafeteria for that last-minute push.

 “Setting time aside to complete my work and practicing stress management are what have helped me the best during past final exams” said Cox.

Having the proper school supplies helps exponentially as well. Students who own the Texas Instruments TI-84 use it all throughout high school. It comes with countless helpful tools that assist students and teachers alike. 

Although Pinnacle’s size intimidates incoming students, making the high school experience a positive one becomes a manageable task when students know tips and tricks of how to improve their experience.