Docusports: The New Club on Campus


The typical Pinnacle High School (PHS) student most likely knows about larger school functions like varsity football games or homecoming or prom since those events go through student government, but what about the smaller school functions that rarely get put into the spotlight? Who keeps tabs on the less-known functions? Club ‘Docusports’ formed to address this very issue. Club president freshman Jack Barrett summarized the purpose of the club by saying. 

“We try to make events known on campus, getting more coverage to events that normally don’t get attention,” Barrett said. 

Docusports covers affairs such as freshman sports. 

“We love[d] covering freshman football. We can relate to them because they are in our class,” said Barrett. 

The students also covered many small clubs around campus, giving everyone a moment in the spotlight.

Club advisor Jennifer Kain explained that Docusports exists not as a lone club on its own. 

“[Docusports] is under the umbrella of PBJ, Pinnacle Broadcasting Journalists, News,” Kain explained. “I want them to be a part of the top tier one day.” 

The members of Docusports explained their club trains its students for the school’s bigger news coverage broadcasts in the future. In their upperclassmen years, the members of Docusports will be a part of the PHS news crew. 

However, members of the club explained the other reasons people join Docusports. 

Freshman Ryan Jung said, “it’s not structured on a criteria…[they] have a lot of freedom with creativity in their coverages.” 

Docusports offers opportunities for those students looking to get more involved with campus events and who want to go into news coverage in the future. From the friendly environment to the creative freedom, students surely feel welcomed by this new club at Pinnacle High School.